Briana and Taylor’s Wedding Photography in Kansas City

Briana and Taylor got an unusual break in the weather for the end of November – just a great day.  We met them at Kaufman Gardens for their first meeting, all the family and bridal party were present.  Briana was stunning in her Wedding Dress, waiting for Taylor to see her for the first time.  When they met for the first time on their wedding day you could tell how excited they both were.  We spent a while taking photos in the gardens and then on to the church.  The ceremony was short, followed by Briana and Taylor walking to their limo as guests tossed rose petals their way.  Then, we were off to the reception at the Meadowbrook Country Club where the Dan Doran band and all their friends were waiting.

The evening went fantastically- great food, great music, and lots of  fun with the families and friends, not to mention,  a wonderful wedding couple.  Check out their wedding photography online at the Phoenix Photography website,  under “View Events”. 

Thanks, John & Lisa –Phoenix Photography


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